Houston Chronicle


Mezzo-soprano Sonja Bruzauskas (Clori) added meatier sound and elegant bearing.

Mezzo-soprano Sonja Bruzauskas sang Ishmael with bright color and youthful vigor.

Mezzo-soprano Sonja Bruzauskas sang with ardor.

Mezzo-soprano Sonja Bruzauskas was the lustrous-sounding soloist in the Copland work.


Culture Map (Houston)


Mezzo-soprano Sonja Bruzauskas, as Clorinda’s voice, sings this rising, floating, slightly embellished melodic line that relieves tension, angst and sorrow with a ray of sunshine, courtesy of a shift to major harmonies. Sigh. Pass the tissues, the gallon of ice cream and the box of bonbons. It’s a moment.


Saechsische Zeitung (Dresden, Germany)


Vocally, Sonja Bruzauskas stole the show in her role as Mary Magdalene. Her solo rightfully received spontaneous applause.


Sonja Bruzauskas moved dancelike, matched by the entrancing elegance of her agile mezzo soprano.


Sonja Bruzauskas asserted a commanding Anita.


Sonja Bruzauskas infused depth and meaning into the role of Anita.


Mendener Zeitung


… radiates impressively voluminous sound.




As she began, the audience focused in complete silence.  Thunderous applause followed.


Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (“WAZ”)

Sonja Bruzauskas — at times bitingly witty, at times deeply moving, in the role of Eliza.


 Neue Zuericher Zeitung (Zurich)


The “Diktatorweib”, an admirable success, was portrayed marvelously by Sonja Bruzauskas in the title role.


El Norte (Monterrey, Mexico)

With splendid figure, she commanded the composer’s style in an imposing voice.

The mezzo-soprano is supremely secure with her technique, giving her total vocal freedom.

She demonstrated versatility and musical intelligence.